Barry Sonnenfeld considers The Box

Barry Sonnenfeld first made a splash with the horror genre – albeit strictly comedic scare fest The Addams Family.

And after a run of decent movies with disappointing box office returns and one awful but massive hit (RV), Sonnenfeld seems ready to return to the creepy side of cinema for a new action-adventure 20th Century Fox is currently dangling in front of him.

Written by winning Scrabble score Evan Spiliotopoulos, The Box focuses on a university graduate facing an uncertain future who is somehow misled into opening Pandora’s famous box, which for those who know their mythology means Very Bad Things. All the evils of the world are unleashed (yes, even Michael Winner) and our luckless hero must team up with Pandora to save the world.

If the plot screams effects-heavy summer blockbuster, then you’d be right as Fox is trying to get the film on the fast track for production.