Baldur's Gate 3 Collector's Editions are being resold for over $1,000

Baldur's Gate 3
(Image credit: Larian Studios)

Collector's Editions of Baldur's Gate 3 are selling for over $1,000, roughly five times their base retail price.

Looking at eBay at the time of writing, you can see various Collector's Editions of Baldur's Gate 3 listed for north of $1,000. In fact, that's a pretty conservative average price for the special editions, which can get as expensive as nearly $2,000 in some cases.

What's even more shocking is that these expensive resold Collector's Editions are selling. We've seen numerous special editions of Larian's new game selling for over $1,000 on eBay today, so apparently there are players out there desperate enough to shell out the steep price for the edition.

It goes without saying that the Collector's Edition has sold out directly from Larian. The edition had an original price point of $269.99 and boasted a digital copy of Baldur's Gate 3, a 160-page hardcover art book, a 25cm Mind Flayer statue, a cloth map of Faerun, and a keyring.

The Collector's Edition also offered a special Magic: The Gathering Booster Pack, a certificate of authenticity, a set of Dungeons & Dragons-inspired character sheets, and a Digital Deluxe Edition DLC pack. This special pack included a unique dice skin, a collection of Divinity-inspired item, an Adventurer's Pouch, and a downloadable soundtrack.

In other words, a hell of a lot. But for the Collector's Edition to retail for nearly five times its original price on eBay is still pretty shocking, no matter how you cut it. The special edition of Baldur's Gate 3 must have either been in very short supply, or the game has earned new hardcore fans after launch, who fancy getting their hands on the sold-out edition.

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