Baby Yoda is the star on top of Christmas trees this year

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda name Grogu
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The Mandalorian season 2 is nearly over, but Baby Yoda is staying around for the holidays, with tons of people using Grogu figures as Christmas tree toppers this year. 

The prevalence of Grogu tree troopers this year is on display thanks to a trending Twitter moment, which shows how The Mandalorian fans have decorated their trees in our little Force baby's honor. It looks like most people are using this Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Plush as their tree topper, though I'm not certain how they've affixed him to the top of their trees. Here's some of the more clever ways Star Wars fans have utilized their Grogu plushies:

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This person has him positioned so it looks like he's using the Force, and cleverly strung up Christmas ornaments as if he's making them float. Imagine how easy it would be to decorate a tree using the Force? Farewell, tangled light strands.

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I'm quite partial to this Grogu in a too-large "Santa Claus is coming to town" t-shirt as it gives me big "kid appears at the foot of your bed at 2am to tell you he's just thrown up" energy. And with Grogu constantly inhaling whatever he can get his eyes on, that would be very on brand for him.

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This one reminds me of Baby Yoda's obsession with the shifter on the Razor Crest, as he's clutching a rose gold bauble in his adorable three-fingered hands. That'll be going straight in his mouth in a moment, trust me.

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While this person went all out with the Christmas spirit, giving Grogu a pair of sparkly reindeer antlers - as if the child doesn't have enough oversized things on his head already. 

Baby Yoda was a huge hit last year when The Mandalorian debuted, but there was a serious lack of merch to satisfy all of our cravings (or in my case, my biological clock). Now, however, the Baby Yoda merch cup runneth over, and it's great to see how fans are cleverly using 2020's cutest mascot to celebrate the holidays.

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