Avengers vs Daredevil and a lot more wild stuff just happened in Daredevil #5

Daredevil #5 art
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November 23's Daredevil #5 from writer Chip Zdarsky, artists Rafael de Latorre and Matthew Wilson, and letterer Clayton Cowles packs a whole smorgasbord of wild developments in the story of Matt Murdock and Elektra's rise to power as King and Queen of the Fist, and their quest to destroy the Hand.

From Daredevil getting his own Captain America shield to Foggy Nelson getting superpowers, and more, Daredevil #5 holds nothing back - and we'll break it all down now.

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #5

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First off, following Matt Murdock and Elektra's wedding in Daredevil #4, all the members of the Fist now have super powers including increased agility, speed, strength, and endurance - and that includes none other than Matt Murdock's old pal Foggy Nelson, who seems to be turning into a regular fighting machine as part of the Fist.

But the Hand isn't slowing down either, with Elektra and Stick revealing that the Hand has found an artifact that allows them to resurrect zombies who appear lifelike and maintain their own personalities, but who operate under the Hand's control - and they've used it to place spies throughout high-ranking government agencies, Secret Invasion Skrull style.

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With that established, Matt and Elektra lead a team to a supervillain prison called the Myrmidon where inmates are being treated inhumanely, with a plan to break out as many villains as they can and bring them into the Fist to help fight the Hand.

There, Matt encounters his recent Devil's Reign-era rival John Walker AKA US Agent, who is one of the guards of the prison. Matt easily takes Walker down, stealing his shield in the process - making Daredevil technically the latest shield-wielder in the Marvel Universe.

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However, as a result of the breakout, in which Matt and Elektra recruit fifteen supervillains who are yet to be identified, the Avengers, including Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, declare their intent to bring Daredevil in.

Whew. Got all that?

The story continues in December 7's Daredevil #6.

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