Avengers Assemble: The Avengers gets new title and official poster


Avengers Assemble ! No, not the popular catchphrase first bellowed by Thor but usually uttered by Captain America in Marvel's ace comic-book series, but the brand-new title of Joss Whedon's Avengers movie, which is now due to hit UK cinemas on April 26.

Yep, you'll be queuing around the block for Marvel Avengers Assemble in the UK this Spring (it's a UK exclusive title), so make sure you ask for the right movie at your local Odeon.

Though, to be fair, they'll probably still take your ticket for The Avengers .

It's a brave move to change the title of your biggest tentpole flick mere weeks before it's due to hit cinemas in one of your biggest territories, but we love Marvel Avengers Assemble .

It captures the giddy joy we'll get when we finally see these superheroes together on the big screen for the first time.

And, whilst we haven't seen the script, we're fairly sure we'll get another entry for one of our 'Movies Where Someone Says The Title Of The Movie In The Movie' lists.

As for the new Marvel Avengers Assemble poster, you can see that below. And, much like the new title, it makes us feel very happy indeed.

Just think, in a couple of months we'll get to see the film we dreamed about as kids - all of our favorite Marvel characters, on the big screen. At once.

And just in case that's not enough Avengers action for you, here's a handful of trailers to help get you even more excited for the big event.





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