How to solve the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Crush mission

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
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The Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Crush mission introduces investigations, and your tracker skills to piece together clues. However, it's not an obvious process due to unclear signposting and difficulty seeing the items you're meant to be investigating. If you're having trouble then, I've already solved it all and can point out what you're meant to be looking for in Crush during Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

It's a tricky mission because the mechanics aren't clear at all and it's the first time you have to do it, so it's understandable if people struggle. For those looking for more general help, we have some basic Avatar Frontier of Pandora tips as well.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Crush mission explained

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora crush location

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The Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Crush mission starts off by sending you out to look for a lone human that's been seen out near a fallen tree. Head to that area on the map and your character will talk about being in the right area when you get close. 

The first thing you will probably see as you approach is an ammo crate which will show up easily in your hunter vision. However, what you're actually looking for are a series of unclear clues scattered around the site that aren't easy to find or link together. 

Below is a list and gallery of what you're looking for, and how to link it together in the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Crush mission: 

  • Box of Resistance Rations under the fallen tree + Aircraft skid marks to the right of the tree
    • This will tell you someone from the resistance was here and not the RDA. 
  • A snapped branch just on the other side of the clearing from the tree + A hive near the branch
    • This will tell you someone kicked the tree and dislodged the hive.
  • A cracked tablet in the centre of the area + A set of wide prints found on the floor near the tablet
    • This will tell you someone was running so fast they dropped the tablet.

With that all found, you'll deduce that a human resistance member flew in to work on something, kicked the tree for some reason and then ran off when the hive insects attacked. 

At this point you'll be able to scan the tablet and hack it to uncover some audio which will then give you the objective to return to Alexander in the Research Area at Resistance HQ. He'll tell you the tablet is beyond repair and leave you with the objective to speak to three woman around the base: Nalin, Priya and Anqa. 

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Priya

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They'll all appear highlighted in blue in your hunter vision but the only one you really need to speak to is Anqa, who's near the crafting table. When you ask her if she's lost any tech she'll specifically mention a tablet even though didn't. You can then confront her and she'll ask you to meet her outside.

All you need to do then is find her outside the base, where she'll confirm what you already know - she went out for some privacy to work out what to say to someone she liked and knocked over a hive, dropping her tablet as she fled the insects. That will complete the mission and earn you some Stairfoot bark, Spare Parts and some favor. 

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