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Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 reconstruction guide


Lv0-Lv1: 5000g

- 2 Sharp Hox Spurs: Dropped by Easy Hoxs. Find them on the Bionis’ Leg

- 2 Dark Grapes: Collectible from Tephra Cave

Lv1-Lv2: 18000g

- 2 Quadwing Bags: Dropped by Copper Quadwings. Find them in Satorl Marsh

- 3 Emrpess Beetles: Collectibles from Frontier Village

Lv2-Lv3: 40000g

- 3 Jagged Tail: Dropped by Eryth Hilns. Find them at Showdown Cliff, Latael Shore, or Reef 1 in Eryth Sea

- 2 Despair Clover: Collectible from Eryth Sea

- 2 Ice Cabbage: Rare collectible from Valak Mountain. Try the Lava Cave or the path between Lava Cave and Harict Chapel at night.

Lv3-Lv4: 99000g

- 3 Caterpile Silk: Dropped by Royal Caterpiles. Find them in Windy Cave on Bionis’ Leg. Also an over-trade bonus from Sylviane in Colony 9’s commercial district (night).

- 3 Hox Daylight Spur: Dropped by Dark and White Hoxs. Find them under Raguel Bridge on Bionis’ Leg

- 3 Oil Oyster: Collectible from Fallen Arm

- 3 White Plum: Collectible from Fallen Arm

Lv4-Lv5: 280,000g

- 3 Ardun Elder Beard: Dropped by Magnis Arduns. Find them near Rho Oasis on Bionis’ Leg

- 1 Tokilos King Egg: Dropped by Leg Tokilos: Dropped by Leg Tokilos. Go to Zax Guidpost landmark on Bionis’ Leg and drop down to the ledge where they rest (giant blue birds).

- 2 Lewisia Silvers: Collectible from Agniratha

- 2 Black Beetles: Collectible from Ether Mine

- 2 Black Liver Beans: Collectible from the section Bionis’ Interior available late in the story. Trick: During the day, face the heart door and turn around. If the collectible cannot be seen on the large red artery in the distance, face the door and again wait 15 game minutes. Turn around and it should be there. Retry until you have two beans. We found this spot to have the highest spawn rate for the Black Liver Bean.