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Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 reconstruction guide


Lv0 - Lv1: 9000g

- 2 Spotted Volff Hides: Dropped by Ugly Volffs. Find them at the Volff Lair on the southwestern part of Bionis’ Leg

- 2 Steel Silks: Collectible from Tephra Cave

Lv1 - Lv2: 19000g

- 4 Bunnia Scent Wood: Dropped by Ogre Bunnia. Find them in Satorl Marsh, near Nopon Refuge

- 1 Fossil Monkey: Collectible from Makna Forest orover-trade bonus from Rasha in Frontier Village, ground floor

Lv2-Lv3: 55000g

- 1 Eks Iron Heart: Dropped by Makna Eks, found at Eks Watering Hole in Makna Forest

- 4 Sturdy Armor: Dropped by Flavel Andos, found on the Hovering Reefs in Eryth Sea

- 2 Oil Branch: Collectible from Eryth Sea

Lv3-Lv4: 120,000g

- 5 Ponio Hoof Seal: Dropped by Lampo Ponio. Found on Fallen Arm near the Giant Mechon Debris landmark

- 3 Royal Volff Hide: Dropped by Caelum Volffs. Find them on Fallen Arm (night)

- 3 Warning Lamp: Collectible from Fallen Arm

- 2 Retro Diode: Collectible from Mechonis Field

Lv4-Lv5: 300,000g

- 2 Vang Star Wings: Dropped by Tempest Vangs in Windy Cave on Bionis’ Leg

- 3 Gogol Horns: Dropped by Gogols. Find them just north of Raguel Bridge on Bionis’ Leg.

- 2 Red Frontiers: Collectible from Sword Valley

- 2 Black Styrenes: Collectible from Central Factory

- 3 Rainbow Zirconias: Collectible from Colony 9, or easy trade with Dionysis of Colony 9.