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Xbox Series X hands-on gameplay experience coming soon

Xbox Series X pre-orders
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The one and only Geoff Keighley is promising a hands-on look at his experience playing Xbox Series X that is set to debut soon.

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Keighley took to Twitter to show off the Xbox Series X in his possession, which looks properly massive next to The Game Awards trophy sat next to it. We only get a brief glimpse of the Series X, and only from the front, top, and left side angle, as Kanye West's 'Power' plays over the video. "Stay tuned for my first hands-on experience playing the next-generation Xbox," Keighley writes.

Looks like we'll be getting a video not unlike when Keighley showed off the PS5 DualSense controller, its haptic feedback capabilities, and more. As we previously reported, Keighley showed off the controller in all its glory and went into details about some of its new features. There's no word on if we'll get to see some actual Xbox Series X gameplay, or if Keighley will just be summing up his experience on his video, but stay tuned. Both IGN and gaming's other Jeff, Jeff Grubb, have gotten Xbox Series X consoles, as well. 

Considering Xbox Series X pre-orders are selling out fast, and as we've pointed out, several gamers have somewhat accidentally bought Xbox One X consoles, Keighley's hands-on video will be the closest many of us will get to the console for the foreseeable future. The Xbox Series X and its little bro, Xbox Series S, will release on November 10 of this year.

As soon as we know when the Geoff Keighley exclusive Xbox Series X hands-on video is going live, we'll update you accordingly. I'm just glad Geoff was able to get his Xbox Series X after all that trouble he had with his pre-order

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