The winners and losers of E3 2017


Winner - Nintendo

After the refreshingly-upbeat Nintendo Direct had come to an end and we were waiting to be ushered into the Treehouse (despite the fact there were no ladders in sight), we asked the good people of Twitter what game they’re most psyched for. The results weren’t particularly hard to interpret. As mentions of an unexpected transformation of a plump plumber to a ferocious T-Rex started to rise (and no, that wasn’t just a weird dream we had), our poll showed that 35% of people want to play Nintendo’s new core Pokemon RPG the most. The hankering for a Pokemon game on the Switch since its reveal has been as loud as aforementioned T-rex roar, and they’ve finally got their wish. No word yet on when we’ll hear more about it, though - but we think it’s safe to say that it’ll be one of the dual games Pokemon is famous for. A revival of Red and Blue perhaps, to match the Switch’s neon Joy-Cons? Coming up behind Pokemon was Metroid Prime 4, with 30% wanting to play the hell out of it. However, like with Pokemon it’s currently in development, so we won’t be seeing it for a while yet. You’ll just have to make do with the understated teaser for now. 

Winner - Ubisoft

Four words, one number: Beyond Good and Evil 2. The game that became a running joke because we were all so sceptical that it would ever be announced is finally a reality. We still can’t quite believe it. If there’s one phrase we should associate with Ubi it’s ‘But, wait there’s more!’. Knocking it out of the park on multiple fronts, Ubi sure had whetted their fans’ appetite as before the show kicked off 32% of the good folk we asked wanted to see their mysterious new IP. Despite a leak that was very quickly plugged up, they got their wish as Skull and Bones was let loose to the world, an online pirate multiplayer that makes the sea-faring shenanigans from Black Flag into a whole new game. It dazzled everyone who saw it too, as half of people we asked want to start learning sea shanties and bounce off of waves in their own ship as soon as possible. No doubt with a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum handy.

Loser - PlayStation

Oh dear. Instead of peppering their conference with a flurry of new announcements, PlayStation played it safe by running through a checklist of the big games that we already knew were on the horizon. God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Days Gone - PlayStation were playing it safe, pushing their truly new IPs like Hidden Agenda and Moss into the background. The Last of Us 2 got no new footage either, which is a major bummer as far as the people of Twitter are concerned. Some were questioning whether Sony’s taking E3 seriously anymore, pointing to their PSX showcase as the time when they can shine all they want without having to compete with Microsoft or Nintendo. 

Loser - Bethesda

Quickly bypassing the obvious sore point about there being no Elder Scrolls announcement (don’t worry, we’re coming back to that later), Bethesda’s conference was more than a little anti-climactic. With no truly new IPs being introduced (Dishonored, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and Evil Within 2 didn’t quite do it as much as Bethesda probably hoped), many people were left feeling like...

Loser - Skyrim

Here we go. No new Elder Scrolls. Cue massive sigh of disappointment from the audience, and quite a few frustrated yelps too. To make matters worse, it’s become obvious to everyone that Bethesda’s using Skyrim as a cash cow, this time with the RPG being turned into a VR experience and even a digital card game expansion. As some observed, the graphics from the fifth Elder Scrolls are beginning to look dated - not surprising since it first came out in 2011. It’s time to let Skyrim go, Bethesda. Time to say goodbye.

Loser - Xbox One X

$499/£449. Simply put, the Xbox One X is just too expensive for the average gamer to shell out for. Even though everything on the console looks spectacular, many picked up on the fact that you’d need a 4K TV to see games at their full potential. Which means more money. What’s more, there weren’t that many true exclusives to the Xbox One X - just games which will eventually be available on other consoles, turning them into timed exclusives more than anything. 63% of you aren’t planning on buying the super-powered console. Those stats are good for your wallet, but will undoubtedly make the people at Microsoft wince.