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Win PS3 Diablo III and a console to play it on

So finally, after a long, dark age of speculation, whispered rumour and waiting, Diablo III is finally set to land on consoles next Tuesday, the 3rd of September. Want to get in on some of that sweet dungeon crawling, demon smashing, loot grabbing action? Of course you do. And we can help. Never let it be said that we at GamesRadar aren’t in the business of fulfilling dreams.

To celebrate Diablo III’s flame-belching, snarl-making console debut, we’re bestowing upon you the chance to win a copy of the game, along with a 500Gb PlayStation 3 to play it on. Five runners up will get PS3 copies of the game.

To enter, we’d like you to prove your mettle on the bloody field of battle. And by “your mettle”, we mean “why you deserve to win”. And by “the bloody field of battle”, we of course mean “the comments field of this article”. Just drop in an explanation of why you feel you, above all other mortals, deserve the prizes listed above, and we’ll pick out a winner on the 4th of September. The competition is open to UK readers only. Sorry, friends from further afield.

And if you want to hedge your bets, you can always click here to pre-order a copy of Diablo III. You’ll also get a free game soundtrack that way.