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Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 4: Zangarmarsh

Tired of the orangeness of Hellfire Peninsula (and dying a bunch to the hordes of Fel Orcs that seemed to have some kind of psychic link with each other), we decided to peek at some of the other areas in Outland. Just to the west was the entrance to Zangarmarsh, so we rode our mechanostrider down the road to meet our destiny elsewhere.

As we crossed the border into Zangarmarsh, we were greeted by a huge tree-lord in the neutral town of Cenarion Refuge. Here, we found a number of quests right off the bat, so we loaded up on them and were surprised to find most of them were perfectly tuned for a level 60 character. We found the heavily blue tone of Zangarmarsh much more soothing than the livid orange of Hellfire Peninsula, so we decided to root further into the area to do some exploring and maybe polish off a couple of these new quests.