Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 4: Zangarmarsh

We continued down the road west (staying as close to the center as possible because we didn't want to anger the local beasties), engrossing ourselves deeper in the ethereal foliage of giant glowing mushrooms. As we rode along, we spied a number of luminous creatures floating around that resembled flying manta rays - these pretty much ignored us, but a very tall, stalk-legged monster with one big glowing eye caught our sent and gave chase. Unfamiliar with these animals, we decided it was better to flee than fight, so we did... quickly.

As we neared the center of Zangarmarsh, we met some Draenei guards that indicated a settlement to the north. After following the road a little further, we came to a large stone platform with stairs leading up it with a few more Draenei guards posted around its perimeter... but not much else. After a moment, however, we were surprised by another large stone platform that descended from the sky and settled near the one we were standing on.

Our curiosity got the best of us, so we jumped on this floating platform and rode it up and up, past the tops of the surrounding mushroom forest where it came to rest atop a great toadstool that would make Gargamel (you remember the twisted bastard that was always chasing the Smurfs to turn them into gold, right?) weep in terror.

Perched high above Zangarmarsh, Telredor is an Alliance town held by the Draenei. The architecture of this elevated fungal paradise struck us first as we entered through the same gauzy curtains that decorate Blood Elf buildings. Inside the little town, there was a nest of quest-givers along with profession trainers that made our heart race.

We spoke briefly with an Engineer trainer who taught us about five new things to make with the new ores we'd find in Outland, so our next move (after making the Telredor Inn our home so that we could return via Hearthstone) was to run off in search of the elusive Fel Iron.