Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 4: Zangarmarsh

Emerging triumphant from the water, we met up with another beta tester named Taul who had a hankering to check out an instance called Coilfang Reservoir. Excited by the prospect of checking out the place, we joined up with him and trailed him to the entrance of the Reservoir. Out in the middle of a vast expanse of water, we found a number of metal tubes converging on a central location deep under surface. At the nexus of these pipes was a very large pipe that led us on a winding path until finally exiting into the musty air of an ancient-looking cave. We stood before the instance-gate to Coilfang Reservoir in wonder, until we noticed that it A. didn't work and B. had the funky beta name "Doodad_Coilfang_Raid_Door01."

Stricken with sadness, we turned to leave, but Taul spied a side door in the corner of the cave so we quickly leapt through. Once inside Coilfang Reservoir, there wasn't much to see except another of those floating manta ray creatures that was a level 62 elite (meaning that Taul and I were in for the fight of our lives if we were going to take it on). We decided that it was worth a shot and went to work on the hovering monstrosity - Taul pelting it with arrows from afar while I furiously stabbed away. We were just barely successful in downing it, but not before it clobbered me, sending me to the graveyard. It was pretty clear to us that we weren't going to make much headway in Coilfang Reservoir today, so we jumped out and bid each other good luck on the rest of our adventures (making sure to add each other to our respective friends lists).