Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 4: Zangarmarsh

Eager to craft up some of these new Engineering goods, we set off west again, but we didn't get far before rolling up on some green-glowing Fulgor Spores. The Draenei use the Fulgor Spores as an environmentally safe light source, and the inhabitants of Telredor had asked if we could fetch some on our travels. Dismounting to gather up one, we noticed several others nearby and completed the quest in no time at all (we only had to find six).

Peeking at our minimap, we noticed a vein of Fel Iron within one of the deep lakes that pepper Zangarmarsh. Fortunately, we bring our Diving Helmet everywhere we go just in case we need to do some deep-sea mining. Harvesting the Fel Iron proved to be a bit of a challenge (even with a mining skill of 300), but we were able to pull a couple of hunks of ore out of the vein.