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Watch these GTA Online players hold a deadly spelling bee

The GTA Online player base is certainly dedicated to keeping the game fresh, with one group of players putting on the world's deadliest spelling bee.

The GTA Online spelling bee rules are simple: two players stand on the edge of an overpass above a bustling highway. One player asks the other to spell a word, while several other players wait on the sidewalk parallel to them, weapons drawn and pointed at the speller in question. Get the word right, and you can step down off the ledge and join the firing squad. Get the word wrong, and you're getting yeeted into traffic. It is absolutely hilarious, and a prime example of how hard it is to spell words when under pressure. 

I first stumbled upon a clip of the twisted spelling bee hosted by Steph (aka v Mamacita) on TikTok - and it was so good I had to investigate. The clip in question features Mikey attempting to spell 'extraordinary' - but he only gets to the letter 'e' before breaking out in laughter. A member of the firing squad decides that's a wrong answer, and blows him off the bridge with a ray gun. "I honestly had that coming," Mikey admits while everyone else laughs hysterical. 

I'm not a fan of watching spelling bee competitions, but the added pressure of murder certainly makes this more interesting. It's further proof that GTA Online is still full of dedicated players finding new ways to enjoy the seven-year-old game. Considering GTA 6 may release in 2023, I can safely say I'll spend two years watching deadly spelling bees play out in GTA Online. 

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