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Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Mad Mile 

Video Walkthrough

Mad Mile ctOS Centre

Starting from the south side of the Centre, hack the lift to get onto the roof.

Head forwards to the wall by the black railings and hack the camera in the courtyard ahead.

Look up and left to hack the camera above the gate, then zoom in and hack the guard with a hidden camera on the far side of the courtyard.

Wait until their patrol route reaches the top of some steps then hack the guard with the access code in the lower area.

Now wait for the patrol route to continue and hack the shutters on the data centre to open them, before looking right and hacking the camera on the far wall.

From here, hack the smartphone to attract the nearby guard then hack their hidden camera.

As they walk past the Building Security Router, hack into it.

Complete the hacking puzzle to reach the Access Point, then unlock it.

East Mad Mile ctOS Tower

Starting from the street to the west of the Tower, head north to the edge of the building with large blocks along the side.

Climb up these blocks to reach the roof.

Head east and vault over the railings to reach the roof of the next building.

Climb up the air conditioner units then vault over the next railings to stand on a glass awning. Walk to the north edge and hack the Switch Console opposite.

Now cross over the glass awnings to reach the Tower building, climb over the vents then hack the Building Security Router.

Jump from camera to camera to unlock the next Switch Console.

Exit the camera, then head through the gate and unlock the Tower.

Northwest Mad Mile ctOS Tower

Starting from the southwest corner of the tower building, hack the Switch Console there.

Now head south to the end of the block, then use the lift followed by the ladder to reach the roof.

Go through the gate and vault the railing to the glass roof, then hack the Switch Console on the wall.

Head north, climb over the air conditioner units and fence, then through the gate to the next area.

Go east over the glass roof section, then continue across the next building.

Vault the railing to drop into the fenced area and unlock the Tower.

West Mad Mile ctOS Tower

Starting south of the Tower, hack the camera visible over the spiked gate.

Look up and right to hack the Switch Console.

Exit from the camera, then head west to the end of the building and down the stairs.

From the docks, go east over the rocks to reach the lower walkway, then through the gate and up the stairs.

Follow the balcony west and then south, to find a ladder up to the next area.

Hack the Switch Console to open the gate.

Drop down into the fenced area and unlock the Tower.

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