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Warehouse 13 To Spawn Steampunk Spin-Off Starring HG Wells

Former Hustle actress Jaime Murray to continue her role as the “real” HG if spin-off comes to fruition

Season two of Warehouse 13 introduced us to the “real” HG Wells – who was actually a woman (played with delicious villainy by Hustle’s Jaime Murray). That male HG we all know was her brother and just a front – she really wrote all those SF classics, and was a top inventor too. A former Warehouse associate, she turned bad, was placed in suspended animation, and re-awoken to cause all kinds of mischief. And she was one of the best things about the season.

And now, if Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny’s plans come to fruition, we could see the return of Murray as HG in a spin-off series. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter , he says, “While it is still in the early stages and thus subject to change, the idea is to put Wells in a 1890s steampunk environment. Despite Warehouse 12’s efforts to recruit her, she would remain a free agent who uses her knowledge of contemporary science to solve murders and other mysteries. In this incarnation, she would enlist the help of a mechanical engineer and utilise her relationship with the police commissioner to solve what appear to be unsolvable cases. Both the skills and style she employs will become the framework for the well-known stories of HG Wells, as written by her brother.”

This sounds like a great idea to us. Not enough steampunk on TV. Actually, is there any steampunk on TV?