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WandaVision spinoff starring Randall Park's Jimmy Woo is about to be officially pitched to Marvel

WandaVision Jimmy Woo spinoff
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Don't adjust your sets. An idea involving Randall Park's Jimmy Woo getting his own WandaVision spin-off series has taken on a life of its own – and could, you never know, turn into the next big Marvel series.

While a WandaVision spinoff is still highly unlikely at this stage, the prospective project has gained some serious traction recently thanks to a viral tweet from actor and director Stephen Ford.

The pitch? Simple: "An entire Disney Plus show about Jimmy Woo just working weird cases in the MCU. Like a fun X-Files."

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Since then, the ball has started rolling in a big way. Ford later said "We might have actually opened some doors" and that a pitch was being worked on. That pitch, excitingly, has now been finished – and the ball is in the court of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.

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One WandaVision actor, though, is already on board. When presented with the idea by ExtraTV, Kat Dennings (who plays a returning Darcy Lewis on the Disney Plus series) said: "I'm in! If it happens, I'll be there."

Before we reach the stage of Jimmy Woo potentially uncovering the weird and the wonderful of Marvel's world, there's plenty left to clear up on WandaVision. Not least of all that cameo – which has already has seen some of the mystery subside thanks to an errant piece of audio description answering the question that everyone had after WandaVision episode 5.

So, that's one off the board for Team Woo. But there could be much more around the corner – all thanks to someone shooting their shot in the most unlikely of fashions.

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