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Valve equipped with replica Team Fortress 2 sentry gun

Thinking of crashing Valve's Christmas party? Better bring a Scout. WETA Workshop – Hollywood's premier special effects house - recently constructed a working (non-lethal) replica of a Team Fortress 2 sentry gun to stand on guard at Valve's home base in Bellevue, Washington...

Besides winning the 'best dorm room accessory ever' award that I just made up, the level one sentry gun can light up, track movement and play authentic sounds straight from TF2. And though WETA neglected to arm the machine with live ammunition, it's likely that will change if and when Valve begins development on Half Life 3.

“It's an incredible piece of craftsmanship that we just had to share with the TF2 community and any visitors brave enough to enter our lobby,” said Valve on its YouTube posting.

I ever get an invite, I'll take the risk.

Dec 13, 2010

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