Unreal Tournament 2007 fires off in-game clips

%26bull;Unreal Tournament 2007 (WMV, 9.82MB)- right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
Epic Games has shown off a little more of Unreal Tournament 2007 and we were there with our camera to nab footage of the PC and PS3-bound FPS.

And what a hearty chunk of pixels it is too for amid all the killing you can see all manner of new vehicles including Axon's Leviathan, a four-turreted tank, and
Nemesis, which just happens to be the Necris' death-dealing machine. So go on, right-click on the link above and see the hover board in action

According to Epic, the PS3 and PC versions should be technically identical, differing only in focus. Apparently because the new PS3 is better suited to driving vehicles than the keyboard and mouse set-up, the console game will have a few extra vehicles per map, while the PC game will focus of footwork and shooting.

Which doesn't quite explain why the PC one is expected towards the end of the year while there is still no official date for the PS3 edition.