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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 5 - The Great Battle

6 Treasures, 4 Photo Opportunities, 5 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation 5
When you drop down to the lower stone platform at the start of the chapter, wait for Nadine then talk to her.

Treasure 31 - Padouk Tea Caddie
Now turn left and go to the end of the ledge.

Photo Opportunity 15
After swinging over the ravine, climb up the platform ahead and look out towards the waterfalls.

Treasure 32 - Engraved Ewer
Now climb up the opposite wall using your piton, before dropping down to the area on your right.

Optional Conversation 6
When Nadine pulls you up after a climbing section, talk to her when she climbs onto the platform.

Photo Opportunity 16
After a cutscene when you're both balanced on a narrow platform, walk away from Nadine then turn around when the prompt appears to take a picture.

Optional Conversation 7
Once you drop down from a ledge and slide into a cavern, inspect the large projectile embedded in the ground then talk to Nadine.

Treasure 33 - Bidri Hookah Bowl
After rope climbing down into the next area, look at ground level between an elephant statue and some stairs.

Photo Opportunity 17
Now turn around and walk to the edge of the ledge to grab a photo.

Treasure 34 - Gold Cased Ivory Dentures
After crawling through the tunnel, look in the pile immediately to your left.

Optional Conversation 8
Open the door to the next room, then speak to Nadine when she enters.

Treasure 35 - Palm Leaf Manuscript
Now climb over the wall to the room full of bones, then head between the flaming pillars to the diagonally opposite corner.

Hidden Trophy - Shadow Theater
When you push the crank to initiate the shadow puzzle, you need to complete it in 10 moves or less for this trophy. Each side has three levers to pull - imagine them numbered 1 to 3 from left to right as shown. Starting from the side to the right of the crank, and moving along one side at a time, the solution is as follows:
Pull 1; Move Left, Pull 2; Move Left, Pull 3; Move Left, Pull 1; Move Left, Pull 3; Move Right, Pull 3; Move Left, Pull 1; Move Left, Pull 1

Hidden Trophy - Marco Po-No
Once you've activated the mechanism and escaped to the top of the dam, jump into the water - if you turn around and walk a bit further along, there's a pool where you won't be swept along by the current.

Treasure 36 - Khanjarli Curved Dagger
After breaking through the door and falling through the floor to escape the armoured vehicle, immediately turn right and look in the corner.

Optional Conversation 9
While walking up the long stairs after escaping from Asav, continue talking to Nadine.

Photo Opportunity 18
When you reach the door mechanism outside, turn around and walk along the cliff edge until the prompt appears.

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