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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide - Treasures, Photo Opportunities, Lock Boxes, and Optional Conversations

Chapter 9 - End of the Line

3 Treasures

Treasure 66 - United India Company Pistol
When you jump on the back of the train, hop over the side to your right then climb up the outside of the carriage to the roof.

Treasure 67 - Viceroy's Penbox
At the end of the carriage where you shimmy along one side then the other, turn around and grab the crate.

Hidden Trophy - Here, Catch!
When the jeeps start driving alongside the train, throw a grenade to land inside one and destroy it. If you're having trouble hitting the target, try turning on Lock-on Aim in the Controls menu.

Treasure 68 - United India Company Coins
When you switch to the blue train carriages from the truck with the mounted gun, get to the start of the third carriage then shimmy along the platform to the left side.

At this point you should unlock the Collector of Antiquities trophy. Congratulations - you've found every collectible in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy!

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