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Trials Rising You Found Us! award guide - where to find the Ubisoft RedLynx and Ubisoft Kiev offices

If you've been playing Trials Rising, you'll know that it's a game full of secrets and surprises. If you take some time to explore the tracks rather than racing through them at full tilt, you can discover all sorts of Easter eggs and hidden areas to reward you for your perseverance. However, the secrets aren't just limited to the courses themselves, as to unlock the hidden You Found Us! Trophy or Achievement you need to interact with the world map and track down the Ubisoft RedLynx and Ubisoft Kiev offices. If geography isn't your strongest subject then don't worry, as we'll show you exactly where you need to look on the map to find both of those locations.

Find the Ubisoft RedLynx Office on the World Map

The Ubisoft RedLynx office is based in Helsinki, which sits on the south coast of Finland next to the Gulf of Finland. Hover your selection marker around the area shown above and hit the interact button - you may see a brief white blip appear when you hit the right spot, but if you generally tap around this location you should ensure that you've tagged it.

Find the Ubisoft Kiev Office on the World Map

The Ubisoft Kiev office is, as you could probably guess, based in Kiev to the north of Ukraine. Again, trace your selection marker along the dark green band to the area shown above then press the interact button. If you've already tagged Ubisoft RedLynx and hit the right spot here, the screen will switch to the game's credits and the secret You Found Us! Trophy or Achievement will unlock. Congratulations, that's another award ticked off your list!

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