Trials Rising Squirrel collectible locations - where to find all of the hidden awards

The Trials series has long been known for its hidden secrets, and Trials Rising absolutely continues this trend. While the previous game had squirrels tucked away on a number of the tracks, the stakes have now been significantly raised with a total of 61 Trials Rising Squirrel collectibles hidden across the world - basically one on every single track! To get to these elusive statues you'll need to find locations off the beaten path, and may have to trigger particular events or wait until a certain time to be able to reach them, and that's where our guide comes in - follow our instructions and you can earn XP, rare Acorns currency, and stylish Squirrel gear as follows:

  • 1 Squirrel found: 100XP, 5 Acorns
  • 3 Squirrels found: 300XP, 5 Acorns
  • 8 Squirrels found: 700XP, 10 Acorns, Squirrel Gloves
  • 15 Squirrels found: 1000XP, 15 Acorns
  • 24 Squirrels found: 2000XP, 20 Acorns, Squirrel Shoes
  • 33 Squirrels found: 2000XP, 20 Acorns
  • 42 Squirrels found: 3000XP, 20 Acorns, Squirrel Pants
  • more TBC

We've been crashing and flinging ourselves into every nook and cranny of the various courses to track down those elusive Trials Rising Squirrel collectibles, to bring you this guide to all of their locations - broken down by in-game leagues marked by stadia on the world map. Read on, and you'll be working your way towards the Squirrel Man Trophy or Achievement and beyond in no time.


Braking Bad

After you go over the roof of a shack, you'll land on the porch on the other side by checkpoint 6. Stop here and reverse through the boards covering the doorway, and you'll find a Squirrel collectible hiding inside the shack.

Happy Camper

After checkpoint 9 on the collapsing bridge, jump the next gap then stop and roll backwards down the slope. You'll drop into a lower area under the bridge, and if you land it correctly - you may need to lean forward a touch - then you'll hit a ramp and roll over a campfire to collect the Squirrel.

MX And The City

Once you've passed checkpoint 7, go over the next ramp then stop before you jump over the road. Wait here, and at around 1 minute on the timer a yellow Trials Rising truck will appear in the distance - drop down onto the road and avoid the other vehicles, then let that truck hit you and you'll collect the Squirrel mounted on the front.

Yellowstone Caldera

Once you pass checkpoint 7, slow down and drop off the end of the ramp to the one below, then accelerate hard to hit the rising steam which will fling you up into the air. As you reach maximum height, rotate forwards and bail out to launch yourself at the hot air balloon, and if you've timed it right then you'll sail onto (or through) the basket to grab the Squirrel.

Canyon Crash

From the start, drop down to the very first ramp but stop before you jump off the end. Wait here until 30 seconds on the timer and an eagle will fly past with the Squirrel on its back - we found it easiest to wedge our front wheel on the top of the ramp, then bailout onto the eagle as it passes.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Beyond checkpoint 7, slow down and drop off the short ramp ahead, to break through the boards below and ride through a door into green screen studio. Hit the track to jump into a CGI scene, then ride it out while collecting the Squirrel along the way.

Lumbering On

After checkpoint 8, continue to the warehouse rooftop ahead, then slowly drop off the edge to land on a hidden ramp below. Roll backwards down it to find a hidden Squirrel inside the warehouse.

Hard Hat Zone

Right at the start of the track, slowly drop off the first platform then roll backwards down the slope. This will take you into a pipe, with the Squirrel collectible hidden inside. Easy!

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