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Three new On The Road character posters revealed

On The Road , the Jack Kerouac adaptation that once felt like it would never get made, is hitting cinemas later this year, and three new character posters have been revealed over at the film's Facebook page.

The new ones come in addition to the Viggo Mortensen and Tom Sturridge posters that had previously been released.

Thus far, the posters have chosen to focus on the myriad supporting characters rather than playing up the central trio (Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart), which helps to give a sense of the colourful cast that they meet on their meandering travels.

Amy Adams looks virtually unrecognisable as Jane (a fictional stand-in for Joan Vollmer), all frizzy hair and lifeless pallor, and she comes bearing the rather ominous quote, "This nation is dead in its soul."

Next up, Elizabeth Moss looks faintly startled as Galatea Dunkel (read, Helen Hinkle - the novel's cast is made up of barely veiled real-life characters). The actress is best known for portraying Peggy in Mad Men , so the mid-20th-Century setting will be a step back in time even for her.

Finally, Alice Braga ( City Of God , I Am Legend ) gets a poster as Terry (AKA Bea Franco), and she has the most positive, hippie-friendly quote of the lot of them.

Check out the On The Road character posters below:

On The Road opens on 21 September 2012.

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