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This guy plays game soundtracks on his violin and is brilliant at it

Youtube is a bottomless well of time wasting nonsense, isn’t it? And we’ve had somegood timeswith the site, plus we’re suckers for anyone playing Mario music on anything, most recently in the form of an excellentbeatbox versionof the famous theme. So obviously, we had to share this with you the moment we found it:

Above: This is only the beginning

Lots of people can do the music, but matching the on-screen sound effects at the same time? That’s above and beyond what we expected.

But, who cares, right? “That may be impressive, but everyone does a Mario Bros music video,” you say as you roll your eyes. That’s what we thought too, but then we went to the artist's Youtube page and saw dozens of other classic games getting the same treatment from the snappy dresser. Here, take a look:

Above: Super Mario 3

Above: Dragon Quest

Above: Donkey Kong

Above: Dragon Quest III

Above: Mario Bros

If you want to see all that this violin virtuoso/Famicom fanboy has to offer, check hisYoutube page. But let it be known to all the other guys out there who make videos of themselves only playing the Mario theme, the gauntlet has been thrown.

Jun 25, 2010

Henry moved from the suburbs of northern Florida to work at GR+, and hasn't looked back once in seven years. When not collecting Mario toys, you can find him constantly checking his Twitter.