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There's new Justice League footage and here's the best reactions: "Lots of over-the-top fun"

Behind-closed-doors footage at conventions is all the rage nowadays. In an obvious attempt to pack out conference halls worldwide, studios will put together sizzle reels for upcoming movies – and Justice League is no different. Well, actually, there is something different about Justice League. It sounds like it could be actually, whisper it, a fun movie?

Zack Snyder and the Justice League cast (with the exception of Gal Gadot) united on stage at CinemaCon to introduce an extended version of last week’s Justice League trailer, as well as a fun-filled compilation of clips from the finished product, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The highlights? Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is working on a giant vehicle (we know Bats loves his expensive cars), Wonder Woman making a mockery of Bruce’s million-dollar security system by hacking it in under a minute, and Barry Allen fanboying in front of the Bat Signal and nearly giving Batman’s secret identity away in the process. You can read the full description here, but the best bit was undoubtedly this interaction between Bruce and Barry:

"Oh awesome. It's the Batsignal! That's your signal," The Flash says, before promptly saying sorry and getting into superhero mode, "That means we have to go now. That's so cool."

As for fan reaction? So far, so positive. Things are looking up for the DCEU.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll get clips of these unless they’re officially released in a new trailer (or, more than likely, in the finished product) but it’s nice to know DC still has their sense of fun intact, especially with a Joss Whedon-directed Batgirl movie possibly on the way.

Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher, Justice League blasts into theaters on November 17, 2017.

Image: DC/Warner Bros.

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