The very best and worst of games merchandise


This actually looks OK in the picture, but don't be fooled. The pipboy is the only extra item that differentiates the Survival Edition from the regular run-of-the-mill Collector's Edition. Oh, that and $50. The Survival Edition never made it to Europe, but in North America it can be bought exclusively from The pipboy can be opened up and worn on your wrist - for all those Fallout 3 cosplayers out there - although Bethesda's official line advises against that.

The game's official forums and other sites are rife with angry punters complaining about the quality of the item and the fact that the three AA batteries needed to run the digital clock really don't last very long at all. Which is a shame, because a real pipboy would be the coolest thing ever.

Where'd it come from?: Pick up the Fallout 3 Survival Edition.


Alright, so you've got some bling or perhaps a hot piece you need to hide from the cops, right? Well, don't bother hiding it in the Grand Theft Auto IV Safety Deposit Box as a swift kick is all that's needed to open it. If it isn't, as it's incredibly light, simply slipping it under your arm and taking it to a place where you have a screwdriver will do the trick.

Where'd it come from?: Splash your moolah on the GTA IV Special Edition.


Garlic. Great for using with pasta, and for warding off vampires. Wonderfully wrapped, this was such a disappointment to finally get open, especially as the packaging undoubtedly cost more than the actual contents. Sent out to a selected list of journalists to publicize PC adventure A Vampyre Story - this employed a common trick by those attempting to generate interest in less-than blockbuster titles.

That is, to simply include a cryptic web address, which will include a cryptic flash demo and won't actually tell you what the name of the game is or anything about it.

Where'd it come from?: Sent out to journalists. For those who missed out, also available in any supermarket.