The very best and worst of games merchandise


What is it, do you think, about Devil May Cry 4 that said 'darts' to Capcom? Has consumer research shown that there's such a large crossover between men with giant beer bellies playing pub games and those who enjoy a spot of demonic killing on their favoured next-gen console?

There are two different sets, one for Dante and one for Nero, and to make it worse they're not even real darts, but those wussy ones with plastic ends that you throw at electronic boards. Sadly, the Devil May Cry 4 waistcoat appears to have been discontinued. We only wish we were joking. Obviously Capcom also thinks Devil May Cry 4 players wear waistcoats. Probably while they're playing darts.

Where'd it come from?: From the Capcom Japan shop.


"Snaaaaaaaaaaake! Have you done the dishes yet?!" Obviously this is what Snake was doing in the three years between the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and his MGS4 swan song. You can bet that when he finally did get around to drying up, he used this 'special' Konami dishcloth. Printed with a series of dots interspersed with the famous Konami Code, the dish cloth is, however, absolutely rubbish at drying dishes. In the same 'goody' bag was also a bar towel. Oh Konami, you spoil us.

Where'd it come from?: Given out at a TGS 2007 MGS 4 briefing


To celebrate the release of Biohazard 4 in Japan (aka Resi 4 to us), Capcom released a bunch of items for 'Leon's Collection' - merchandise designed specifically for character Leon Kennedy - if he ever happened to come to life. Leon's Collection included trenchcoats, sunglasses, pendants, and aftershave. The scent of the man, Quaser, is in this funky little 50ml bottle, created by J. Del Pozo, and - according to those who know - is 'The Scent That Shoots'. Yes, you too could smell like the living dead. Any takers?

Where'd it come from?: Previously available through the Capcom Japan shop, now sold out.

Jan 08, 2009

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