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The sex secrets of Total Film!

Clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew assesses the squirming psyches of the writers who contributed to this issue’s 69 Sexiest Moments list… Well, the ones who weren’t worried about what their mums might think…

Neil Smith, Contributing Editor

Neil chose: Clooney and J-Lo (Out Of Sight), Goldblum and Thompson (The Tall Guy), naked Bening (The Grifters), phone-sex (Get Carter)
“Your sweet, inoffensive choices suggest that for you eroticism does not have to be x-rated. In fact although these scenes are sexual, sex is not their primary purpose. In each of these scenes there is an additional focus; Caine’s landlady, Goldblum and Thompson’s breakages, Bening’s rent, and the interjected images of Clooney and Lopez. All these films feature very few sex scenes, and sex is not their dominant story. Perhaps in your life sex is not your main focus, and you have other priorities. The choices also evidence your sense of humour suggesting that having a laugh is as important to you as getting it on.”

Mark Salisbury, Contributing Editor

Mark chose: opening scene (Betty Blue), Deneuve and Sarandon (The Hunger), Jane March (The Lover), speeded-up sex (A Clockwork Orange)
“These scenes, showcasing the talents of Dalle, Sarandon and March, are all linked through their leading ladies. All demonstrate the magnetic qualities of beauty and youth that clearly appeal to you. In addition, there is more to all these women than meets the eye; all their characters have depth and vulnerability. These scenes are emotionally charged and dramatic. Even the slightly quirky A Clockwork Orange still plays on themes of female vulnerability. There is a strong sense of fantasy and fascination in your choices, and for you it seems to be less about the act than whom it includes.”

Andy Lowe, Associate Editor

Andy chose: Hayek strip (From Dusk Till Dawn), sex on stairs (History Of Violence), first spank (Secretary), Douglas and Tripplehorn (Basic Instinct), Hurt breaks glass (Body Heat)
“These are all very visual sex scenes, suggesting you are most aroused by what you see. All share narratives of passion and power, from Sayek’s snake strip tease to Gyllenhaal’s secretarial spanking. Most striking is the sense of fervency that permeates. Your choices suggest that you, and your sex life, are dynamic and energetic. In particular, Douglas and Tripplehorn’s almost non-consensual sex is an interesting choice. This one alone implies that you are happy to present strong, confident opinions to others. It could be that in your sex life, and more generally, you know what you want and you often get it.”

Kevin Harley, Contributing Editor

Kevin chose: RDJ and Heather Graham (Two Girls And A Guy), sex without touching (Tierra), Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law (eXistenZ), Spader and Hunter (Crash).
“This is an interesting array of scenes, showing your sexual tastes to be diverse. Even though the acts vary, all of your choices feature dominant women. From the relatively straightforward seductions of Graham and Leigh, to the more unusual acts of Klein and Hunter, all of the female characters wield power in their own way. As three of your choices are out of the ordinary, this would also suggest that you are drawn to the unusual. It may be that, in reality, your sex life is quite run of the mill, but that you do have an active imagination.”

Jamie Graham, Associate Editor

Jamie chose: Bacall and Bogie (To Have And Have Not), Lancaster and Kerr (From Here To Eternity), Brando in sweaty T-shirt (A Streetcar Named Desire), Fonda strip (Barbarella), Stone leg-cross (Basic Instinct).
“These are play-it-safe choices, perhaps mirroring your own attitude to life, and sex. All these scenes share themes of understated, natural sexuality. In them, sex is less about the act than about a character, relationship or story. There is a romanticism and innocence in most that is especially endearing. By choosing Fonda’s strip with a twist, Stone’s leg crossing and Bacall’s inimitable whistle line your sense of humour shines through. Your range of scenes suggests that although sex is, obviously, a part of your life, it almost certainly knows its place.”

Matt Mueller, Contributing Editor

Matt chose: Ledger and Gyllenhaal comeback kiss (Brokeback Mountain), McQueen and Dunaway (The Thomas Crown Affair), threesome (Y Yu Mama Tambien), Damon lust (The Talented Mr Ripley), Gere walks to window (American Gigolo)
“These scenes are so full of lingering looks and furtive glances that for you it must be about the eyes. Most of your choices portray inhibited passions, from the restrained McQueen and Dunaway to the repressed Ledger and Gyllenhaal. Your choices appear linked by the emotional charge that runs through them, and there’s a vulnerability to the characters, which may remind you of yourself. Particularly important to these scenes is the tension and build up. For you these scenes, perhaps like sex, are not just about the act; they are about everything that comes before. Tension, honesty and a good, hard stare.”