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The Neo: The World Ends With You team "don’t have any current plans for the next installment"

Neo The World Ends with You key assets edited together
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The producer of Neo: The World Ends With You has said that "[the team] don’t have any current plans for the next installment." 

In an interview with PC Invasion (Thanks, Siliconera), producer Tomohiko Hirano said: "To be candid, we don’t have any current plans for the next installment" when asked what the team at Square Enix plans to do with the series following the release of Neo: The World Ends With You earlier this year. 

Hirano did add though: "However, there are still many areas in the city of Shibuya that we haven’t been able to recreate in either title, so a part of me wants to realize that in some shape or form." Before asking fans to "please continue to share your passion and love for the game" in the hopes that Square Enix will ask the developers to make another sequel following its success.

The World Ends With You series director Tatsuya Kando followed up this statement in the same interview adding: "I feel like I’ve done what I can for the time being - Neo turned out to be a game that I packed with fourteen years’ worth of thought and emotion, so I feel like I’ve given it my all." Kando did reassure fans though by also saying that: "I’ll continue to take a look at fan feedback to see how they perceived the game, and from there see what the best path forward might be." 

Neo: The World Ends With You launched on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2021, with the PC version following shortly after in September 2021. If you’re not sure whether this stylized JRPG is for you, you can always download the free demo version which will carry over your save data if you do decide to play the full game afterward. 

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