Neo: The World Ends With You free demo will carry progress to the full game

Neo The World Ends with You key assets edited together
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Neo: The World Ends With You is getting a demo that will carry progress to the full game.

If you've had your sights set on Neo: The World Ends With You, Square Enix has announced, through a new trailer that a playable demo will be available. The demo will be free and goes live on June 25 for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Square Enix also detailed that any progress in the demo will be transferred over to purchased versions of the game on the same platform.

Neo: The World Ends With You is a story following Rindo and Fret who fight to change their fate, battling against the Noise and other enemies in and around the district of Shibuya. The trailer showcases Shibuya during the game's intense and fast-paced battles and stylistic attacks but also takes a moment to show us the exploration of the populated city. 

Players will find themselves conversing with other members of the team, eating out a diner, and running through busy streets populated with NPCs. There also appears to be a level of character customization in that players can visit clothing stores and purchase items that add to their skill statistics. A Panama hat for example will offer no additional health bonuses but will increase attack and defense stats but requires a certain number of style points.

One particular moment in the trailer shows a mobile phone conversation alongside a map talking about hidden letters that require solving puzzles to find them. So it looks as if the world is going to be ripe with challenges to overcome as well as defeating the main antagonists.

The release date for the game on consoles is July 27, but the PC version of the game will be launching sometime this summer through the Epic Games Store. 

The game's creative producer, Tetsuya Nomura has been part of fan theories who think that he'll be crossing over his past Kingdom Hearts titles into Neo: The World Ends With You. This was all spurred from the secret ending in Kingdom Hearts 3 but that's only speculation right now and the above trailer doesn't appear to give any clues if this will even happen.

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