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The Last of Us gets reimagined as a pixel game

The Last of Us Giraffe scene
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A fan has shared their pixel art rendition of The Last of Us, which is so popular, it even caught the attention of the game’s creative director Neil Druckmann. 

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This looping animation contains all the recognisable features of both The Last of Us and its sequel The Last of Us 2. Complete with young Ellie, Joel, a derelict city, and a Clicker - who looks slightly less menacing than they do in the actual game. The artwork has gained 6.9K likes and 1.1k retweets since its posting.

The artist known as @WoostarsPixels on Twitter, creates short pixel art animations of popular video games. Along with The Last of Us, they have also produced their own versions of Half-Life, God of War, and even Cyberpunk 2077

Many other fans were amazed by the design, with some suggesting that the artist should attempt to make it into its own playable game. 

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This isn’t the first time Neil Druckmann has shared fan projects, as he regularly retweets The Last of Us fan art, cosplay, and memes. The game designer was promoted to co-president of studio Naughty Dog after working his way up at the studio since 2004. 

Naughty Dog had a huge year after releasing The Last of Us Part 2 in June last year, which went on to win Game of the Year at The 2020 Game Awards along with several other wins and nominations. If you can't wait for more adventures with Ellie and Joel, then you'll be glad to know the game is also still set to be adapted into a TV series by HBO.  

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