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The Last of Us 2 fan discovers that Abby can kill Tommy, if she’s fast enough

The Last of Us 2 Abby
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A The Last of Us 2 fan has discovered a way for Abby to kill Tommy during the sniper chase scene. 

In their latest hidden details in The Last of Us 2 video, YouTuber Speclizer discovered that Abby can actually kill Tommy during the sniper scene - if you're fast enough that is. In this portion of the game, protagonist Abby and fellow WLF member Manny are chasing down a mystery assailant who is attacking the pair from afar with a sniper. 

As you navigate this scene, you later find out that this person is actually Tommy, who fans of the series will already know as lead protagonist Joel’s brother. This scene sees the three running through Seattle’s marina as both parties attempt to take out the other without getting caught in the crossfire.  

Usually in the game, Abby and Manny will catch up to Tommy in an abandoned cruise ship terminal as Tommy pulls a shutter down creating a barrier between him, Abby, and Manny. This then leads the pair to pursue him through another door and if you’ve played the game, you’ll already know how this backfires.

In Speclizer’s video, we get the same scenario; however, instead of cautiously approaching Tommy, the player in the footage expertly sprints towards the shutter and manages to get under it, Indiana Jones-style, before Tommy shuts it. Now on the other side of the shutter, Abby can inflict damage onto Tommy and even kill him if she wants to. 

What this glitch means for the rest of the game, we’re not exactly sure. However since Tommy is needed in the next few scenes to progress the story, we’re going to assume the next cutscene either can’t be triggered without Tommy or will just reset when players approach the right area. 

Speclizer has become a The Last of Us 2 hidden features specialist, however, they aren’t the only one who has been paying close attention as fellow YouTuber Caitlin also discovered that Abby and Manny uncharacteristically pop up in Joel and Tommy’s home base in Jackson during the game, just not in an obvious way.

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