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The Division Intel Collectibles location guide

Times Square - level 9-12

There are only 14 pieces of intel to sweep up here, so it should be a fairly quick run through.

Incident Report - Fire, Cleaner Reports

We're starting off in the northwest corner of the district, at the intersection of W 55th and 8th.

There are a few army trucks dotted around near a yellow tent.

You'll find the report in the tent.

Echo - Executioner, Rogue Agents

This echo is off W 55th St, between 8th Ave and Broadway.

Go through the gate next to Flame Roost.

The echo is next to the dumpster at the end.

Crashed Drone - Dark Zone

This is accessible from W 55th St , between 8th Ave and Broadway, where we picked up the previous echo.

Starting from the spot where we found the echo, go around the corner to the right.

There's a ladder here, so climb up.

Pop over to the fire escape on the left.

The drone is right above you, so shoot it down and grab it when it lands.

Incident Report - Heroes, Cleaner Reports

Make your way to Broadway in the northeast corner of the district.

Head south from the intersection of W 55th and Broadway.

The report is next to the police hazmat van.

Phone Recording - Week One, New Material

This is along the east side of the district off W 53rd St, next to 8th Ave.

At the checkpoint, head down the side street by the ambulances

Go down and around to the right.

The phone is next to a bench by the wall.

Phone Recording - Week Two, Bees

The recording is off W 52nd St, to the west of the safe house.

There's an alley to the left of the theatre.

The phone is next to a dumpster down here.

Incident Report - Pharmacy, Cleaner Reports

Make your way to W 49th St, to the west of the safe house.

You'll see a police transport van on the pavement.

The report is next to it.

Phone Recording - Week One, Rats

The next piece of intel is in the centre of the district.

It's just off W 47th St.

There's a side street to the left of the theatre.

Go down here and follow it around to the left.

The recording is in front of the parked cars.

Echo - Hostile Takeover

Continue south to W 46th St.

You'll find a large car park.

The echo is a little way inside.

Incident Report - Infrastructure, Cleaner Reports

The report is near the intersection of W 46th and 8th.

A CERA camp has been set up along the road.

The report is inside, sitting on top of a crate on the left.

Phone Recording - Week One, Gamers

Get yourself to the underground entrance at W 46th and 8th.

The entrance is next to the CERA camp.

Make your way down, and go right at the T-junction.

Follow the corridor to the platform and head left.

You'll find the recording along here.

Phone Recording - Week One, Tourist

Once you're back topside, head south to W 43rd St.

Opposite the hotel, you'll spot a side street.

There's a truck parked down here.

The recording is next to it.

Crashed Drone - Shipments

Pop one over to the south, to W 42nd St.

Head up the scaffolding in front of the billboard.

Climb the ladder to the right.

On the roof, go over to the left.

Shoot the drone down from the top of building and grab it when it hits the roof.

Phone Recording - Week One, Stockbrokers

Make your way to the underground entrance at W 42nd and 8th.

You can't miss it.

Go straight down the steps and around to the left.

The recording is a few steps ahead of you. near the wooden pallets.

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