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The Bruce Juice

Life is strange – no matter how much you sit, smile and laugh while Bruce Willis is talking about future projects, you just want to ask him to stick on a vest, break out the berretta and pick off a bunch of terrorists one by one.

Still, with 2006 lacking a return to Die Hard territory, Bruce has kept himself busy racking up the movie-count for 2006.

“I really have done some weird things this year, some very different films. I’m not sure I would have done these movies five years ago, I’m not sure I could have done them,” the Sin City star said.

Willis certainly has a varied set of movies heading to the multiplexes this year. There’s the staple actioner, 16 Blocks – which sees Bruce’s over-the-hill cop pinned down on the New York streets transporting Mos Def’s con across town.; crime drama Alpha Dog follows the tale of the youngest man ever to get a place on the FBI’s most wanted list; while the slick Lucky Number Slevin is a New York city gang flick boasting a cast bulging with the talents of Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman.

“Mos Def has been a friend for a while and it’s nice people are talking about the chemistry there. Alpha Dog really is a terrific movie and Lucky Number Slevin is another really good film.” Willis, however, reserves the most praise for upcoming animation movie Over The Hedge – which sees him voice a raccoon con-artist.

“It’s hysterical, wait ‘til you see it,” he says with that famed crooked smirk. “It’s a movie apparently for kids but it’s really for adults. This character is a good one, this guy’s got a little David Addison in him, he’s a real rascal.”