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The best of the World of Nintendo

We’ve posted quite literally loads of the strangest Nintendo-related pics here over the last few years. Here are just a few of the best ones. Many of the links have long since expired, but a smart bit of internet and searching might reveal the whereabouts of one or two of them. Except the banana remote. Thankfully.

1) The job that dignity forgot

The launch of a new Tingle game is a time of great celebration in Japan. Employees clamour to don the green costume and stand outside their shops, spreading happiness. Japan’s suicide rate is among the highest in the world.

2) Banana blitz

Before the launch of Wii, and in the absence of anything better to do, we spent at least 37 seconds turning a humble banana into a realistic replica remote. Hours of fun ensued. Normal people were amazed/felt sorry for us.

3) Chibi-robo kid

The world of Nintendo is renowned for its tradition of damn good cosplay. Chibi-Robo Kid is up there with the best of them, for the way he totters around a shopping centre, half blind, covered in tin foil.

4) Pencil power

Remember the first Wii adverts, with the two i’s from the logo playing various games? Somebody recreated it by hand, using only a pen, some paper and a camera. We liked this a lot.

5) Safety first

These pics are from the Japanese Wii instruction manual. Presumably Nintendo would leave themselves open to potential litigation if they didn’t remind people never to insert clover into the vent at the back of the console.

6) Raving recipes

Aside from cosplay, an artistic bent and a strange tingly feeling whenever the name Shigsy is mentioned, Nintendo fans are also known for the ability to make great cakes. Cakes these may be, but great they most certainly are not.