The best of the World of Nintendo

7)Dress up Shigeru

Stuff like this makes us wonder how Mr Miyamoto feels about being a celebrity. On the one hand, he has a serious and responsible job as the most senior figure at the world’s biggest games developer. And on the other hand, there are internet games where creepy fans (like us) can dress him up in as much (or as little) as they please.

8) The Nintendo Katamari

Choosing the coolest piece of fan art we’ve seen over the last four years seemed like an impossible task until we remembered this astonishing effort. The detail and the humour make it extra special – check out Daisy’s face.

9)Miyamoto from Kyoto

“He made Mario, for Nintendo…” That’s how the song goes. This remains one of our all time favourites, although it vanished from the internet not long after it first caused a sweary sensation. Search for ‘operata de Miyamoto’ and you might find it.

10) It’s not really a tapestry

But it sort of looks like one, with all the scenes of realistic Mario beating seven shades out of an assortment of drug-taking Goomba thugs. Features a ‘surprise’ ending, just click on the screen to see the whole thing.

11)A nicer manhunt

Poor old Manhunt 2. We got an exclusive early review of it, we raved at great length about its brilliant combination of stealth and gore, and then the Nanny State saw fit to ban it from our screens. A toned-down version was eventually – and disappointingly – released. At least it wasn’t as toned-down as this…

12) Fuzzy Nintendo love

Along with cakes, paints, music and video, plush toys are among the best represented creations in our monthly trawl of the top Nintendo happenings. This one is particularly memorable for being part of a full NES set, including carts.

13) Tetris: the showdown

The games may be full of blue skies and fluffy bee-suited Marios, but the wider world of Nintendo isn’t always a harmonious place. Here two men dressed as Tetris blocks had a full-on fight in front of a baying crowd.