The best of the World of Nintendo

14) Body modification

Anyone can paint a console. Anyone who wants it to look really good will take it apart first. But not many people have the time or expertise to do something like this, with custom metalwork, lights and a truly amazing finish.

15) Circuit bending

The art of customising electronics to make them do something entirely unexpected. These studded Pikachus make weird sounds, and all the metal parts are for twiddling the noises.

16) Real Mega Man

What if a game character was real? It’s a question that has been answered thousands of times but never quite as emphatically as by this Japanese chap, who took the job of ‘being’ Mega Man more seriously than anyone before or since.

17) “It’s called a road…”

…It’s called the Rainbow Road / It is a road that you go… when you dieee!” This bafflingly ungrammatical song racked up close to a million hits on YouTube – about 500 of them from us.

18) Inglourious plumbers

Combining Mario and Tarantino to devastating comic effect. Reggie says Hollywood is always trying to talk Nintendo into a new Mario movie. Now we know who should direct it.

19) Who ate all the Tanukis?

The origins of Mario’s famous Tanuki suit explained. We could never look at Super Mario Bros 3 the same way again, especially since Pom Poko is one of our favourite movies.

20) And finally…

Aaaargh! Aaaargh! Aaaargh! Aaaaaaaaargh! Aiieeeeee! Please, make it stop! I’ll tell you anything you want to know, but not like this… not like this… not like this…

Jun 2, 2010