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Stream The Wire online: global viewing options for all seasons of one of the greatest ever series

Stream The Wire online: global viewing options for all seasons of one of the greatest ever series
(Image credit: HBO)

It's one of the greatest TV shows and series of all time, so knowing how to stream The Wire online or on to your TV is essential information for all lovers of entertainment media, culture and drama. And despite it being long finished, it still has all the hallmarks of a quality, contemporary TV show maintaining its appeal, relevance and people's desire to watch it all over again. The crime; the characters; the long, slow burn; the writing; all are excellent and it's the best way to 'enjoy' a police and crime drama based in an American city.

With each season taking on a different facet of the city of Baltimore - and the crime that features in each. From the illegal drug trade and the seaport system to the city government, the school system, and the print news media, it casts a wide net but each meta-theme is as gripping as the last. Truly, knowing how to watch The Wire online will provide hours of entertainment whether you've already soaked it all up or not.

Wherever you are in the world, we're here to tell you how to stream The Wire. This guide compares what options there are in a number of countries.

The great news is that all of these methods don't involve long-term contracts, or negotiations on the phone about packages, deals or bolt-ons as all of our options are geared towards saving you the most amount of money, for maximum ease and do not tie you down with something unwieldy and inconvenient.

Regardless of your reason to watch or re-watch one of the best series of all time, you check out your best options for streaming The Wire online below.

Stream The Wire in the USA

$14.99 a month on HBO Max (opens in new tab)
You can stream The Wire direct from HBO Max. We'd expect this to be its home for a while now as HBO seems to be putting all its content here and away from the like of Amazon and Hulu.

Stream The Wire in Canada

$9.99 a month at Crave (opens in new tab)
Easily the best option for our Canadian readers is Crave. Unlike trying to watch Westworld online (opens in new tab), you only need the basic Crave deal at $9.99 a month. That's great for keeping bill prices down as more modern HBO content isn't available on HBO Classic like it is here on this tier. If you do want to upgrade to the newest HBO shows and extra movies you can sign up via the same link for an extra $9.99 a month. Need a bit of incentive? You're paying way less than the Americans.

Stream The Wire in the UK

From £9.99 a month at Now TV (opens in new tab)
Now TV is only £9.99 a month for a 1-month rolling contract. Sadly, you'll have to pay a few quid extra a month if you want it in Full HD 1080p instead of 720p which is very frustrating.

There are other options though. You could sign up for a full-on Sky TV package directly and opt for a suite of film, TV and sporting content from just £25 a month (opens in new tab) (this deal also throws in a Netflix sub).

Stream The Wire in Australia

From AU$10 a month at Binge (opens in new tab)
Australians no longer have to pay a small fortune a month for Foxtel for most HBO content as the much cheaper Binge streaming service has you covered from just $10 a month nowadays.

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