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StarCraft II: PC Gamer vs. GamesRadar

PC Gamer and GamesRadar are holding an epic, interoffice StarCraft II tournament to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated RTS sequel. Be sure to visit for updates throughout the day as well as a live stream of the finals.

UPDATE: Today was a good day. The minerals were plentiful and the competition was fierce. Luckily, GamesRadar was able to take the win from PC Gamer at the finals in our interoffice StarCraft II tournament. You can check out a replay of the last match below.

Above: This is how it’s all going to go down.Head herethroughout the day for updates on the tournament. As you can see, Tyler Nagata has received a free pass to the semi-finals. Wish us luck!

Above: The final match between PC Gamer’s Josh Augustine and GamesRadar’s Tyler Nagata. Commentary by PC Gamer’s Evan Lahti. If the embedded video doesn't work for you, you can use thisdirect linkto watch it

July 28, 2010