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Is this a commercial for Star Wars Battlefront or the Rapture?

Star Wars Battlefront is out next week, but judging by this new live-action commercial, so is the Rapture. You'd better get to sinning if you don't want your brand new copy of Battlefront left behind in a crumpled pile of clothes while you soar off to eternal bliss in the afterlife. Heaven's great and all, but we've been waiting ten years since the last one came out. Just let us get a few rounds of Hero Hunt in and then we'll atone for our misdeeds, ok?

There is also a small chance that Anna Kendrick and company are all Kenobiing. It's like planking, but instead of laying flat in weird places you get struck down and become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. But I prefer to think that EA and DICE are trying to give us a stern lesson in being held back from grace by temptations of the flesh/gamepad.

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Connor Sheridan
Connor has been doing news and feature things for GamesRadar+ since 2012, which is suddenly a long time ago. How on earth did that happen?