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PS5 February reveal event: Everything we know so far

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For quite some time now, a potential PS5 February reveal event has been at the centre of a whole variety of rumours. Originating all the way back from a series of supposedly leaked Sony emails in August 2019, the info suggested that PlayStation intended to unveil its next-gen console to the public sometime this February, and had already begun inviting a number of major publishers to show off their swanky upcoming PS5 games in the process.

Since then, there's been rumour after rumour either purporting to corroborate that February reveal window, or further complicating the gossip with alternative information. Frankly, it's getting rather hard to keep track of it all, especially as February itself is basically here, and there's still no PS5 news insight. With that in mind, we've broken down every major rumour and leak about the PS5 reveal meeting below, and the potential dates that have been floated for the upcoming event over the last six months.  

February 5

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A recent rumour, previously discounted, has received renewed interest among fans after its prediction of the PS5 slogan as "It's time to play" has since been fulfilled, incorporated by PlayStation across its own official social channels. 

That lends the leak a certain air of extra legitimacy above the rest (though it's worth bearing in mind that Sony had used the slogan at least once before the leaker's Reddit post appeared online), making its claims of a February 5 date for the PS5 meeting all the more interesting. 

That said, we're dangerously close to the start of February, leaving Sony little time to announce the news if indeed this date is as close as the first Wednesday of the month. But who's to say a surprise conference, announced and held on the same day, isn't on the cards?

February 16 

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At the beginning of the new year, a mysteriously vague "Experience PlayStation" event was listed on New York Sony Square's calendar, running from January 14 to February 16. Right now, all that means is that visitors to the showroom can play a variety of PS4 and PSVR games to "celebrate 25 Years of Play"... but is it building to something? 

Some fans have thus suggested February 16, the official end date for "Experience PlayStation", could mark the beginning of the PS5 marketing campaign, though there's no real evidence to confirm anything yet. 

February 24

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Another PlayStation fan has picked up on the fact that the Sony Hall, an NYC venue which has played host to PlayStation soirees in the past, is closed for a private event on February 24; a date which has been whirled through the rumour mill before.

Unfortunately, that's all we know about it, with no further details on whose hosting it, for what purpose, and why the "Buy Tickets" button seems to just refresh the page. Could this be the date and setting for PS5's grand unveiling? We've reached out to Sony Hall itself to try and gain more information, but have heard nothing back so far. 

Using the past to predict the future

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PS5 specs – what's inside the next-generation PlayStation console?

For all the rumours out there, history is perhaps our great teacher when it comes to figuring out when the PS5 event will take place. Indeed, if we use Sony's schedule for revealing the PS4 as a metric to predict how it'll approach the PS5 promotional campaign, it still corroborates with the bookie's current odds on a February event. 

On January 31, 2013, Sony sent out official invites to members of the press to "See the Future" of PlayStation at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on February 20. At the same time, a sizzle reel was released onto PlayStation's YouTube channel, again revealing that 'something' was happening on February 20. 

While there was no explicit mention of the PS4 itself, everyone immediately knew what this meeting was for, and lo and behold, Sony revealed the specs, release date, and launch line-up for its new console over the course of a two hour press conference.  What can this tell us about the PS5? First off, note that Sony left three weeks between sending out invites and holding the meeting itself, suggesting we can expect a similar time gap for the PS5 reveal. 

If February is indeed the month for such an event, as history suggests, that leaves precious few weeks for PlayStation to announce the date and start requesting RSVPs. New York City also seems like a strong bet, location wise, though nothing on the Hammerstein Ballroom's calendar suggests the venue has been booked out by Sony just yet. To conclude, the PS4 timeline supports everything we've heard about the PS5 reveal so far; what's less obvious is whether Sony plans to repeat that scheduling, or whether the shake ups made amongst the executive and marketing team over the last seven years means we can expect something entirely different. 

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