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Justin Roiland addresses likelihood of Rick and Morty x Solar Opposites crossover at Comic-Con 2020

(Image credit: Hulu)

Justin Roiland two major projects – Rick and Morty and Hulu’s Solar Opposites – share a lot of the same DNA. Both sci-fi shows about families with multiple characters voiced by Roiland. The big questions fans have, then, regards whether there's any chance of the two crossing streams (and dimensions) in an unlikely crossover event?

Speaking during Solar Opposites’ Comic-Con 2020 panel, Roiland didn’t exactly shoot down the possibility of the Disney-owned Solar Opposites and AT&T’s Rick and Morty coming together – but said for any sort of crossover on that scale to work, it would require some big boardroom-level decisions.

“The thing is, now, we’ve got to get these corporations on board and make nice with each other and lend the IP. I don’t know who it all works,” Roiland said.

In typical Roiland fashion, he improvised a better, tastier, crossover idea: “So, why don’t we focus our sights on the McNugget characters from McDonald’s? That’s an easier deal!”

Co-creator of Solar Opposites Mike McMahan even envisioned what a Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites crossover would look like. Of course, it would be a meta commentary on the very notion of crossovers: "It would be everyone sitting in a room asking the Power Rangers to do a crossover with Star Trek the whole time. And at the end it would be like 'Oh no, we're out of time.'"

Never say never but, for now, Solar Opposites is all focused on season 2. As revealed during the SDCC 2020 panel featuring the cast and producers, Terry, Korvo, and the kids will be going to summer camp – to literally stop them from killing each other. Maybe they’ll bump into a certain grandpa-and-grandson duo on the way?

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