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Smith boards City That Sailed?

When you’re a Hollywood titan, you’re allowed to take your time choosing movie projects.

When you’re Will Smith, you're allowed to take your time, but you can bet your bottom he’s got a million studio execs nagging him to sign on to something and make them a barrel of cash.

So, after a couple of years spent producing films instead of starring in them, the Fresh Prince has finally lined up two projects as his possible next – Men In Black 3 or The City That Sailed .

Despite being a popular, iconic franchise, making a return to the Men In Black series would be a surprise move - even if it's the most obviously sound financially. The second sci-fi outing left a lot to be desired in terms of scripting. Could a third rectify that?

Meanwhile, The City That Sailed has been written by Andrew Gattaca Niccol, and looks like more of a thoughtful, whimsical fantasy. Smith would play a New York street magician whose daughter lives in England.

When she wishes to be able to see him (after discovering a handy room full of magic candles), Manhattan breaks away from the US and drifts across the Atlantic. Nifty.

The flick’s already being produced by Smith’s Overbrook productions, and we’d bet good money that he’d take this one up as his next starring role – it certainly appeals to the more family-oriented stories that he’s favoured of late.

Got a preference?