The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition guide


It’s a long road ahead if you want to fulfil the destiny of the Dovahkiin in Skyrim, but with Elder Scrolls 6 being just a speck in the distance there's still plenty of time to delve into one of the best RPG games ever. From humble, almost-executed beginnings, through to Whiterun, the College of Winterhold, and beyond, there’s so much to see and do in the wintry north of Tamriel that you’ll inevitably need a Skyrim guide just to make your way around. That’s without mentioning the fact that the Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim Nintendo Switch are out to make sure even more of your waking hours are filled with thoughts of stopping Alduin and that one massive Chaurus you ran away from in that cave (no, just me?). Like I said, a long road ahead.

If you want to increase your knowhow on levelling up, which Skyrim character build you should choose, and even how to tie the knot to your beloved, this Skyrim guide will serve as your bible for the next 100-plus hours – and well beyond that.

Even the Daedric prince of knowledge Hermaeus Mora would find it tricky to retain all the information there is about getting started in Skyrim, so we've gathered everything together to help mortals and gods alike. Bear in mind that this guide is made for people who won't have played Skyrim before, so we've made it as easy to understand as possible as the sight of so many skill trees and races can be somewhat overwhelming. Plus, if you want to go deeper into the various systems at work in Bethesda's mammoth openworld title, we've included links to our other guides below. You're welcome.

Table of Contents:

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