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Simon Kinberg brands X-Men: Apocalypse a "disaster movie"

With X-Men: Days Of Future Past currently blowing apart the worldwide box office, writer Simon Kinberg has hinted that next X-flick, X-Men: Apocalypse , could wreak similar levels of destruction.

In discussion with IGN, the writer reveals that the titular villain, Apocalypse, is "more powerful than Magneto" - and we should expect that power to include blowing a low of stuff up.

"The kind of scope and scale we're talking about is like disaster movie, extinction level event," he says. "Sort of Roland Emmerich-style moviemaking, which you've never seen in an X-Men movie, or any superhero movie, which I think is exciting."

For people suffering from 'city destruction fatigue', though, Kinberg is quick to add that he and director Bryan Singer will be approaching the massive set-pieces from a philosophical perspective.

"We've also been talking about how to give him a real emotional and philosophical underpinning," the writer says. "So he's not just somebody who's out there destroying the world because he can. What he's doing is – in his mind – justified and validated by a real compelling, coherent philosophy."

Check out what Kinberg told us about the plot of X-Men: Apocalypse below...

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is out now. X-Men: Apocalypse opens in cinemas in 2016.