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How to get the lockpick, rope ascender and reinforced knife in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Ah, good old Metroidvania game design, letting you glimpse new areas and riches but only letting you reach them once you’ve got a specific item. Shadow of the Tomb Raider absolutely loves to tease you with such things. And you may be surprised to finish the main story and still not have access to three different barriers. These are doors that require the Rope Ascender to pull down, barriers that need their ropes cut with the Reinforced Knife, and treasure chests that require a lockpick. So let’s get hold of those now, shall we?

How to get the Lockpick and Rope Ascender in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Happily, two of the three items are in the same place, but you’ll need 6,100 gold pieces (at regular rates) if you want to get them, so make sure you’ve saved up a bit. You need to start the ‘Find Tikiy’s Dice’ sidequest in Paititi (The Hidden City) by speaking with Tikiy, who can be found sitting down just west of the northern bridge. He asks you to find his dice, which he says have been stolen. You need to speak to Pisco the Dead, who is at this location:

After that, there are four basic locations shown on your map for the outcasts. They’re not difficult to find once Lara’s in the circle, so check your map to make sure you’re in the circle and look for the NPC with a sidequest symbol above their head. You’ll need to not be wearing the Serpent Guard outfit, so once you’ve changed into something less scary at the nearest base camp, talk to each one in turn.

1. The first is literally in the middle of the green circle here, inside the building. He tells you the whereabouts of the white capybara, as a nice bonus.

2. Again, right in the middle of the green circle. From Lara’s location shown, the second outcast is up the steps and to the right. He tells you the location of gold. 

3. You guessed it - smack bang in the middle of the circle here. This outcast tells you the location of the great condor.

4. The fourth outcast is here, and gives you the location of the fifth outcast.

The fifth outcast is here, right in the middle of the green circle. She isn’t like the others - she’s a merchant. And it may take a few seconds to realise that she holds two of the most vital pieces of equipment in the entire game. So make sure you purchase the rope ascender and the lockpick next to it. Sweet.

How to get the Reinforced Knife in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

You need to start the Stay of Execution sidequest, which is given to you by Kayara in the Upper City, who can be found sitting on some steps at this location:

She gives you the quest to go and save her father, Hakan, who is being held prisoner. The sequence needed to rescue her father is simple - after speaking to the people around with cogs over their heads to make sure they’re ‘in’, you need to ask the ‘call to prayer’ horn blower to do so, then ask the musicians to stop playing, then - swiftly as the window is tight - ask the two men to help you open the door. The rest is easy, and the knife is yours.

There is another way to upgrade the standard knife to be able to cut through heavy rope doors that doesn't involve completing the sidequest. There's an upgrade service for sale from a Merchant in Paititi market, which is located here: 

If you have the standard knife, this will give you the ability to break through the reinforced knife-locked doors, and if you already have the upgrade, it just means you take more resources from animals you skin. It also has the bonus of giving you a Crocodile Dundee-referencing achievement: 'That's a knife'. Nice touch."

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