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SFX to present Best Of British panel at Comic-Con 2010

Top writers Dan Abnett, Paul Cornell, Kieron Gillen, China Miéville, Pat Mills and Toby Whithouse will join SFX in San Diego

Comic-Con has become the highlight of the SF and fantasy calendar and this year SFX will be out there in force - not just with a team of newshounds, but also with a stand in the main hall (booth 5567) and our own panel on stage.

The event runs from 22 to 25 July at the San Diego Convention Center, and when you're planning your week you may want to bear this in mind:

Thursday 22 July at 5pm in room 5AB
"SFX presents... the British invasion"

Hosted by SFX, we'll be discussing SF and fantasy writing with the cream of British writing talent, featuring the chaps below (listed in alphabetical order):

Dan Abnett
Dan is a celebrated author and comics writer, and is now the screenwriter for Ultramarines , a feature-length CGI movie set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. He's written for 2000 AD, Marvel and DC, and has a number of best-selling SF and fantasy novels to his name (including Gaunt's Ghosts and Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero).

Paul Cornell
Paul's career spans TV, comics and books. Having written much-loved episodes Father's Day, Human Nature and Family Of Blood for Doctor Who since its return in 2005, Paul has also penned a Primeval episode and most recently TV pilot Pulse . For Marvel he wrote Captain Britain And MI:13 and his latest comics contract is with DC to write a story-arc for the prestigious Action Comics. Paul also recently announced a novel deal with Tor.

Kieron Gillen
A videogames critic and comics scribe, Kieron has written for publications such as PC Gamer, Edge and The Guardian. He is the creator of Phonogram from Image Comics, a work dubbed "one of the few truly essential comics of 2006" by Warren Ellis. Kieron has also written for Marvel on several series such as Thor and Dark Avengers: Ares.

China Miéville
A multi-award winning author of New Weird fiction, China's writing is influenced by the likes of JG Ballard, Michael Moorcock and HP Lovecraft. His Bas-Lag novels, including Perdido Street Station and The Scar, are rightly considered classics. The City & The City won him the 2010 Arthur C Clarke award (his third, a record) and his latest book Kraken hit shelves in May.

Pat Mills
Known as the "godfather of British comics", writer and editor Pat launched 2000 AD in 1977, and played a major part in creating several of its most famous characters. Mills has also helped launch several comics that were key in the rising careers of talents such as Garth Ennis, and now with artist Clint Langley he's working on a new graphic novel called American Reaper. Over the last decade he's broken into the French market too, penning the Requiem Vampire Knight series.

Toby Whithouse
Actor, comedian, and screenwriter, Toby is probably best known as the creator of BBC Three's hit supernatural TV series Being Human. He's also had a hand in writing scripts for several other shows, including Torchwood (Greeks Bearing Gifts) and Doctor Who (School Reunion and The Vampires Of Venice).

Your host for the panel will be David Bradley , editor-in-chief of all things SFX .

There will be time for audience questions as well. To find out more about the San Diego event visit the official Comic-Con site here . We announced our presence at Comic-Con here , and you will want to bookmark this tag for regular SFX updates.